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well, i love a deal on a designer bag as much as the next girl! love! i love love love! as a buyer for t.j.maxx, i'm always on the hunt. i check out the shows. i see what's happening on the street. and i work deals directly with the designers. so when i score... you score. gimme a fashionista... i'll make her a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you! he said his plans to burn the koran on the anniversary of september 11th were off. >> well, this morning, they could be back on again. the florida pastor at the center of the controversy now says he was lied to and he is drawing that mosque built near ground zero into the mix. a state of monetjano- melgoza is declared in one california community after an explosion destroys dozens of
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homes. stay with us. fox 5 morning news continues right now. there you go. this is how your friday morning is starting out. it is beautiful outside today. nice and cool out there. it is friday, september 10, 2010. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us this morning. let's got a check on the forecast with tony perkins. >> i've got the good news for today. we have a great forecast today. tomorrow will be great as well. let's look at the current temperatures at the area airports. we are primarily in the 50s. 64 at reagan national. 55 at dulles. 58 at baltimore and most of the region is in the 50s this morning. cool start to the day. low humidity, very pleasant out there. a few clouds here and there. take a look at the sat-rad. nothing to show you in the way of precipitation. we'll be precip-free again today and we'll talk about that
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a little bit later on because it has been pretty dry here for a while. there are some concerns that there could be fire hazards across the area because it is so dry. it will be a little bit breezy again so you want to watch out for that. we'll have mostly clear skies. a few clouds here and there but mostly clear skies. a mild day, below normal high temperatures. sunny skies, mostly sunny skies. temperatures into the 70s. we are looking for a high in the upper 70s, about 78 degrees mid afternoon. more details on the forecast and a look at the weekend coming up in just a little bit. >> let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> not so bad right now with the lane open, the pace is good in each direction down south at the wilson bridge. you will find if you are traveling south on 270, lanes are open right now leaving 109 headed through hyattstown. no problems reported on 355 out of clarkburg. a typical delay at this point but incident-free all the way out towards the split. university boulevard at dennis, still busy leaning up a wreck
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there. right side of the road is blocked. westbound out towards wheaton, the lanes are open. 95 starting to slow briefly as you cross over the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following a developing story out of california this morning where a massive fire just south of san francisco is being blamed on a possible gas line explosion. a utility company says the high pressure gas line blew just after 6:00 p.m. yesterday. witnesses say they heard a large then saw flames everywhere. one death already attributed to this fire. it has burned more than 50 homes and damaged more than 100 others. at this point, the fire has spread over 10 acres and is still just 50% contained. tomorrow marks nine years since the attacks of september 11th and today, department of homeland security secretary janet napolitano is going to be at ground zero. toe being vice president joe biden travels to new york. president obama will be here for ceremonies at the pentagon and first lady michelle obama will travel to the site of the
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crash of flight 93 near shanksville, pennsylvania. she will be joined by former first lady laura bush. the other big story that we're following this morning is a florida pastor's plan to burn the koran on september 11th and that plan could be back on again. >> yesterday, pastor terry jones announced he was going to cancel the event. now, he says he is reconsidering. he thought he had a deal with organizes in new york to change their plans to build a mosque near ground zero. >> the machine people do not want the mosque there and, of course, muslims to not want us to burn the koran. the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. >> but the imam in new york behind that mosque says there was never an agreement to move it. again being johns now saws he is rethinking his decision to
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cancel the koran burning tomorrow but he still plans to fly up to new york to meet with the mosque organizers. president obama will hold a press conference at the white house to face tough questions on on iraq, afghanistan and talk about the pastor's plans to burn the koran. we'll carry that live here at 11:00 here on fox 5. taking a look now at the top stories, mayor fenty's campaign is being accused of buying votes. some are claiming a person they thought was representing the fenty campaign offered them jobs if they would vote for fenty. fonty's opponent, vincent gray is now calling for a federal investigate. >> they told us they had -- we had to vote because that is the application. >> this is an unspecific allegation. there is no -- no one has given us any name of anybody would did this. we do training of all of our people, let them know you cannot he can change anything
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for votes. >> mayor fenty says there is no proof gun to back up the allegations. he says that the people would made those claims have not been able to turn over any names. an apartment fire in the district fore a few families out into the street overnight. official say a mattress caught on fire inside a unit of the building on m street southwest. nobody was hurt. the red cross was able to help the 12 people who were displaced. we are getting new details about an dent in the district that sent two women to the hospital. a driver left the road and hit two women before crashing into a restaurant in northwest wednesday night. police now say tamika adams was landlordly drunk when she struck those women standing on a traffic island on 18th street. both victims suffered serious injuries. a metro access driver accused of sexually assaulting a customer in montgomery county last month has been arrested. samuel kingston worked for a subcontractor used by metro. he is charged with a third and fourth degree sex offense and
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second degree assault. two residents of an assisted living facility in frederick, maryland have been diagnosed with legionnaire's disease. the water system at the facility has been stunned off until test results come back. both patient have been treated and released from the hospital the. muslims are marking the end of ramadan. what is normally a celebratory time of year will be subdued because of where it falls on the calendar. soy a woman goes on a deadly rampage at work. more on that when fox 5 news returns on the other side of the break.
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the islamic holy month of ramadan coming to a close now. it is normally marked by a celebration at the end of a period of fasting. the date change year to year with you on some calendars this year, that date is september 11th. many muslims across the country
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are canceling lark-scale celebrations because it happens to fall on 9-11. a worker went on a rampage at a kraft foods plant in philadelphia. a woman who had just been suspended and escorted from the facility came back and shot three people about 10 minutes later. two of those people died. the other victim is now in critical condition. about 100 workers had to be clear out during that ordeal. the suspect was finally captured about an hour later inside the plant. >> the military's don't ask, don't tell policy has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in california. president obama has said that he wants to repeal the policy which bans openly gay service members. coming up next, you probably heard by now, justin bieber made a semi-local appearance lately. did he take things a little too far with the law during his appearance at the state fair. coming up later on, we'll find out in the cooler
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temperatures that we've been enjoying will stick around.
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we talked earlier about the big fires in california. here is an update on the wildfires in colorado. win gusts up to 60 miles per hour hampering efforts to battle the blaze which has already claimed more than 170 buildings and 10 square miles of land. authorities briefly lifted the evacuation in a few neighborhoods but only long enough for resident to get in, grab the belongings and get back out. emergency officials say that fire is only about 30% contained. pop star justin bieber almost had a brush with the law. on sunday, the 16-year-old was reportedly throwing water balloons backstage before his performance at the maryland state fair. no big deal, right? until one of balloons made direct contact with a state trooper who just happened to be on hand for crowd control. apparently, the cop was a
6:16 am
little angry and ready do slap the cuffs on bieber but bieber's bodyguard was able to talk him out of it. you know what i take out of that, 16 years old and teen. you forget that he is 16. >> here is what i take out of t isn't that i nice story to hear in necessities days of these teen stars doing drunk drive agoened have drug possession and he is throwing water balloons. i can understand the cop. >> if i was the state trooper and you got pound wade water balloon. >> if that is the worst he does, great. >> that is right. we are i guess in for another really nice day today. come on now, we do need some rain. >> did you look ahead at what i'm doing. this is the perfect segue. let's get right to the graphics, gurvir.
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i did not know you were doing this. >> is it sort of like being married when you start reading each other's minds? >> i hope not. >> i'm kidding, gurvir. i'm kidding. we had 18 days in a row of no rain in any of the area airports. no measurable rain. there was a day 10 days ago where we had a trace amount. no real measurable rainfall for 18 straight days. this is a lot of days being folks. we are quite dry. so far, for the month of september, we are at a deficit. we're an inch below. more than an inch below where we should be for this month at reagan, dulles and bwi marshall and for the year at reagan, we are about six inches down so a dry year for us. we could stand some rain and it looks like we'll get some on sunday. let me show you why i say that. this morning, precipitation- free. a quiet start to the day. there are a couple of clouds out there. nothing in the way of
6:18 am
precipitation. now, out to the west, this is the rain system, a little storm system, i say little now, it has not been little. this is the remnants of hermine that brought so much devastating rain to portions of texas, oklahoma, flood conditions in parts of that part of country the last couple of days. this is moving eastward. we do expect it to move into our region late saturday fight and bring us much-needed rainfall overnight saturday and then during the day on sunday. take a look at the surface map. we'll show you what is at play. high pressure in control. lots of sunshine, a few more clouds today than wave had. there is your rain system. it moves eastward. as it does, it triggers rain showers we think late saturday night, maybe after midnight and then into the morning hours and maybe the early afternoon hours on sunday. meanwhile, right now, hears a -- here is a look at the current conditions. 5 # degrees at gaithersburg. 54 in manassas. most of you are in the 50s this morning. 57 at quantico.
6:19 am
so a cool start to the day and a cooler day today than what we've been used to lately. mostly sunny, comfortable, pleasant, high about 78 degrees. not bad at all. your five-day forecast looks like this. today, a great day. tomorrow, a great day. go out to the play ground, take the kids, all that sunshine. 79degrees. sunday, some clouds. some rain and then i think by redskins time, the game is here. i think we'll have partly cloudy conditions but i don't think it will be raining. monday and tuesday be and sunshine and highs in the low 80s. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> do i still goat to go to the beltway found, even though i don't have kids. >> i know why you go, to get in on the ice cream truck. that's not fair. >> oh be come on now. we are talking about university boulevard at dennis. that is where we found the crew in sky fox. they were over the scene just a few moments ago. we do have a live shot there from the scene.
6:20 am
accident occurred earlier involving this pole that came down with the wires. they are in the process of trying to restring the wires. if you are eastbound along there, they will have the light rite lane shut town. coming inbound towards the beltway, it is the right lane that is blocked. not too much a delay as you work your way past the scene. westbound in the direction of wheaton. effect is open. we do find traffic coming off of dennis making that right turn onto university boulevard. that is a popular stretch for you guys traveling between university and georgia. traffic coming outbound on university boulevard is not able to make the left turn onto dennis. do make note of that. if you are traveling south on # 70, lanes are open as you travel out of hyattstown. -- if you are traveling south on 270, lanes are open as you
6:21 am
travel out of hyattstown. traveling 66 here at fair oaks, the gang is all here as we start to slow east of 50 at 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our business beat is coming up next. we'll take a look at how the markets could wrap up this week. >> as we go to a break, who hasn't wanted to wear one of those fancy rocks at smithsonian. replicas go on sale next tuesday on qvc. ♪. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there...
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welcome back. a better than expected jobs reported gives a boost to the market. let's go up to new york and our friend adam shapiro to talk more about it. the markets were up 8 points. got a better than expected report on jobs and now the president today is going to be
6:25 am
talking more about jobs and the economy. >> right at about 11:00, a formal press conference. he is expected to be asked a series of questions about how it is performing. didn't pay a whole lot of attention as much to the jobs report but the trade gap shrank a bit. u.s. imports actually expanded very -- or rather exports expanded. the big issue will be this new constant back and forth between democrats and republicans or the bush tax cuts. >> tim geithner says something needs to be done as far as extending the tax cuts for the middle class but they've been hesitant to extend it for the wealthy he. the republicans want that. where do you expect this to sort of fall? >> that is anyone's bet right now. you are seeing classic political debate but peter
6:26 am
barnes and if you go it our web site, you can see that, peter barnes interviewed sex geithner. he was making the case that the nation cannot afford to he can tend the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. over 10 years, it would cost the economy the budget $700 billion. but republicans make the argument that, when you do not he can tebd the tax cuts for the wealthiest among us, you are going to drag into it small business owners and you don't want to do that. >> i don't know how many people fall into the warren buffett, bill gates category. >> my favorite story of the day is we're going to get the crop report and it has been since 1983. you'll looking at that. >> great. okay. have a great weekend. >> you too, my friend. the florida pastor would
6:27 am
planned to burn the koran on september 11th said he is going to call the whole thing off. this morning, he may have changed his mind over something he alleges was a lie. 
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there is a reason for all of that honking and you will soon see it. even amtrak got involved. pro football at next fedex field on sunday. yesterday, even the trains got into the spirit of honk in you hay the cowboys day. redskins take on dallas out at fedex field on sunday night. now, a lot of people will be at that game but look, he perked up. condition did i will not be at the game but you can see right there that he is still ready to cheer on the redskins. check out his team gear. kennedy's mom tells us he is a redskins fan but he did watch the viking game last night too
6:31 am
and there is eye good reason for that. because his mom, sara, happens to be from minnesota. she had on her purple yesterday. >> hopefully, kennedy had better luck in his picks on sunday than last night. >> i bet if kennedy was brought out on to the field at half time, he would get big cheers. people love him. >> how long do you think it would take him to actually walk aross the field? >> that would be the entire half heim? >> that would be monday morning. >> he doesn't like us talking about him like that. >> you mention the redskins cowboys game. dave ross, you guys were talking about that since 2000, the cowboys have won 14 out of 20 dames. it has not been much after rivalry for the rivalry to be hot, both teams have to be pretty well matched like it was way back in the day. hopefully, this will be the start of the rebirth of the
6:32 am
rivalry. >> certainly a closer match this year than what we've seen the last couple of years. >> the cowboys are riding into town. >> that's right. what you do you say about that? >> i quote one of my favorite authors. not usually the kind of thing we see from you. >> i was going to say louis gizard would wrote the wonderful books. don't call me or edmonton mail me or anything about that. >> let's take a look at what is going on out there. >> i thought we were avid redskins fans. our current temperature, 61 degrees at reagan national airport. it is also 61 at annapolis. rather curious, their temperature always matches our temperature. 57degrees at quantico. 55 at dulles. baltimore is at 56 degrees. all right. here is your forecast for
6:33 am
today. mostly sunny. comfortable and pleasant. high, 78 degrees. oh, glorious and look at the weekend. saturday, equally tbloarious, 79 degrees, beautiful. rain moves in late saturday night. sunday looks to be cloudy and rainy for the first half of the day but we need the rain. -- saturday, equally glorious. coming up, we'll have today's edition of act weather guys. i forget what the question is but it is a good one. >> lets -- let's check in with julie wright. >> still busy cleaning up this mess off of university boulevard at dennis in the direction of the beltway. right lane remains closed off at this time. westbound towards wheaton, effect is open. eastbound 66 on the brakes in manassas again leaving fair oaks and after put itly street to merge onto 495. inare loop after 66, only the second lane is open trying to work your way around the crash. that's a check of your fox 5
6:34 am
on-time traffic. still developing out in california is this scene, a neighborhood engulfed in flames. oneperson dead. more than 50 homes charred. this all started with a big explosion that startled residents in the area yesterday. >> now, firefighters are scrambling to get that fire under control. sherry ly is live in our satellite center with all the latest. >> good morning. that fair >> reporter: that fire is still burning this morning. it will be at least until this afternoon before they can do a full search for others would may be missing. that explosion happened around the dinner hour in san bruno. the gas company says it is unclear what caused that rupture. it shot a fireball more than a thousand feet into the sky. 53 homes were destroyed and another 10 damaged. shelters have been set up and many don't know if they have homes to return to.
6:35 am
>> the house felt like it was shaking. it was that strong. flames came up like stories high. >> it was a boom being boom and a massive explosion. i ran out of the side of my garage and when i looked to my backyard, i could see the flames. >> one learn has died. many were brought into the hospital with burns, some in rite kal condition. the fire was about 50% contained as of late last night. it is not out. the blast also blew out the water lines in the area so firefighters had to pump water for more than two miles away. that is the latest here in the satellite center. back to you. >> thank you. one person reportedly was shot and killed in a protest today over plans to burn the koran in florida. it happened at a demonstration outside of a nato base in northern afghanistan. protesters there were angry about the florida preacher planning to burn korans tomorrow on the anniversary of 9-11. but whether pastor terry jones will actually burn them, still
6:36 am
up in the air. he met with a local muslim cleric on thursday. he came away with an understanding of a deal to move the proposed mosque near ground zero in new york but the imam said that never really happened. he only said he could arrange a meeting with muslim leaders in new york. jones then told reporters he had been lied to and he would once again go forward with the koran burning. >> tomorrow is nine years since the september 11th attacks. today, department of homeland security secretary janet napolitano will be at ground zero. tomorrow, vice president biden travels to new york. president obama is going to be here for ceremonies at the pentagon and first lady michelle obama will travel to the site of the crash of flight 93 near shanksville, pennsylvania. she is going to be joined by former first lady laura bush. taking a look at the top stories, more controversy coming out of the d.c. mayor's race. mayor fenty's campaign is being accused of buying votes. some people claim a person they thought was representing the fenty campaign offered them
6:37 am
jobs if they would vote for feptdy. his opponent, council chairman vincent gray is now calling for an investigation. >> they told us u.s. we -- told us we had to vote because that is the application for the job. >> we do training of all of or people to let them know you cannot exchange anything for votes. maryland governor o'malley says he would consider fining power companies that have excessive power outages if it is recommended by the state's public service commission. the governor says he would like to see reliability standards created and enforced for maryland utility companies and there needs to be consequences if those standards are not met. the idea comes in the wake of those massive power outages involving pepco. it is the kick offof this season's friday football forecast. redskins taking on the cowboys at fedex field. dave ross is here with our
6:38 am
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the redskins going in 2-2 from the preseason, the cowboys, 3-2. dave ross to talk about the sunday show down. to you like this for the first game of the season because i love it. >> i love t i think it is great. i think it is great for the fans. tony and i were just talking and we all were here in the studio. we are all jacked up about it. just imagine the die hard redskins-cowboys fans all throughout this area. i don't think there is a better way to do it with bruce allen and mike shanahan. they did a lot to get this rivalry. i think it hasn't been much of one lately. this is wait to do it. let's get some good old- fashioned hatred in there. that is why you do the we hate
6:42 am
dallas honks. you don't need to enhance it it is there. you just need to bring it back. >> the redskins were out of it by the time they even played dallas. by now, it is a clean slate. you have high hopes. >> i'll put the redskin cowboy rivalry up there against any rivalry in any sport. i think it is as good as any of them. we bring it back to life for real where if the past, the red sox have beaten the yank ayes. michigan and ohio state va played each other well. dallas has gotten the best the red skinned over the last decade. >> i can't pick a winner in this game. i can't honestly say there is a clear-cut favorite in this game. i think the redskins have a lot of advantages. i think their defensive line against the cowboys' offensive line is a huge advantage. i think that is a big part of that game. i think one guy too that we
6:43 am
need to remember is clinton portis. we have to remember this guy has not played. he got knocked out in week eight against the falcons because of the concussion. he just turned 29 years old. he feels lake a 5-year-old. he feels great because his body didn't get all that wear and tear. >> when you bring day guy like willee parker would got cut and larry johnson, who will back him up, it says i better step my game up or i won't have much game left to play. i think he got the word. he took the off season conditioning program very seriously. albert haynesworth did not. i think that is one of the ropes why clinton portis is back in the good graces with the front office. >> how about a new guy that could step up. >> i think brandon banks.
6:44 am
if he is going to be on the active roster, he has to do what he did here. that is the type of guy that could be the game changer. he fumbleed a couple. he can't do that. i think the up side of this guy is so high at 5'6", i think you have to give hum a shot. you think you will see him returning some pupts against the cowboys. if he breaks one, that is the type of guy that maybe it's 14- 0 because he is that quick because he is that quick, that fast when he gets in the open field. >> do you like him because of his skills or because he is 5 #. >> both. you got to root for the little guy. -- or because he is 5'6". >> and we talk about albert haynesworth. mike shanahan said he will be there. will he play in we still don't know. i think he has to play in order
6:45 am
for this defensive line to be as good as it can. there is no ifs, ands or butts. he is the ron you maid him $100 million. >> has not coach shanahan said he wants the best team to the field. he believes that haynesworth can play when he is dedicated to playing. so would you not want to see if that dedication is there when you are under the lights in a prime time national game. why not put him out there and say show me what you got. >> i think the only reason you would not put him out there if you feel like you won't get maximum effort. >> now, haines worth appear defense is i'm in the going to work hard in the preseason. shanahan says i don't care. if i put you in the game, i want 100 earth. >> you set us up to pick a winner. i think the redskins take it on sunday night. >> he is going on record, ladies and gentlemen. >> steve chenevey --
6:46 am
>> and i think they take it. >> and lady gaga concurs. >> that is another reason i'm not going with the cowboys. that is your fault. >> thank you. and you will step out on a limb too. i think the redskins pull it out. >> there you go. >> time to get to the weather. i'll show you some other numbers. the current temperatures around the region, not a bad start to the day. we have abeen talking about how comfortable it is. 61degrees right now this washington, d.c. new york city is at 61 degrees as well. pittsburgh at 52. in research monde, it is 59 degrees. here a look at the satellite- radar for our region. it is actually the radar. i keep saying sat-rad out of habit but it is actually the radar. -- in richmond, it is 59 degrees. out to the west, there is rain again. we've been talking about it all week, the remnants of hermine
6:47 am
continue to track eastward. this is what is going to bring us our next little batch of weather. it will be late saturday and during the day on sunday. we think this will be maybe a 15-hour event from midnight saturday night to maybe 3:00 on sunday. maybe even less than that. go to over the weekend and we'll keep you updated right this. let's take a look at igor. igor is no more! it is a tropical depression. so we don't really give names to tropical depressions. however, it was a tropical storm. it is likely to become a tropical storm again so we're still going to call it igor. it is still well out into the atlantic. not impacting any land masses at this point. we'll keep our eyes on. it it is forecast to be a huck by the middle of next week. here is your forecast for today. it looks like this. mostly sunny. comfortable, pleasant. 78degrees for your high. your five-day forecast looks good as well. tomorrow, just a beautiful day. 79degrees and sunny p that is a
6:48 am
nice saturday. sunday, clouds, some rain showers. frankly, we feed them, folks. rain showers on sunday. we think the rain gets out of here in time for the redskin game sunday night. monday and tuesday look to be quiet with highs in the low 80s. got to catch my breath. it is time for ask the weather guy, the segment where turn and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. tucker not here today. while he is not here, i would just like to take this moment to say i do all of the work on these questions every day. >> lynn the producer, could you save this for tucker on monday. thank you. >> this we comes from michelle smith. that could be my cuss un. you have a cousin michelle smith. why do you use the airports if the official weather forecast? she writes, this is what i love about out viewers. they are so smart.
6:49 am
number one, the concrete and buildings would hold more heat to increase the temperature which doesn't seem accurate. you're right. number two, the lack of trees an other nature wouldality are any readings in her opinion. and number three, the last time i checked, no one lives at the airport. >> we've often said that. >> michelle, you are pretty much right on all counts. we've answered this question a long time ago but we wanted to go back to it because it does come up all the time. there are a couple reasons the main reading are taken at a ports. number one, it provides easy access by national weather service personnel to go out there, monitor the devices, check on them. you don't have to go into someone's backyard or anything. it is an official site. you can get there. you no what you need to do. they are maintained properly. they are actually careful not to put them like right on the concrete or where a jet blast
6:50 am
would be coming by impacting the temperature gauge. what does usually slow off the readings is not so much the concrete. it is the fact that many airports are located near rivers and the river impact throws things off a little bit. >> look at reagan national. >> absolutely right. so that is the case. also, aviation, because early on in the 20th century, aviation was and still is one of the primary places folks are concerned about weather information. they need accurate information. >> if you think about t dulles, a lot of green space out there. it's huge territory out there. >> and near sterling where the national weather service is. now, we did want it mention one thick that you mentioned. there actually had been report about people living in airports. you might remember this. a man lived at charles degaulle airport in paris from 1998 to 2006. there he is. he was kicked out of his native
6:51 am
iran for his political views. it took several years to him to be granted political asylum. he was on his way to britain to meet one his family when his papers were stolen. he managed to fly to london anyway because was sent back to paris because he didn't have his passport. the easiest thing for him to do was to stay at the airport until he had to be hospitalized in 2006. after that, he moved to a homeless shelter in paris. you might remember the 2004 movie the terminal, loosely based on that man's story. there have been instances of people living at airports. i don't think anyone wants to live there. >> absolutely not. >> it is sarah the inturn would does all the research on your weather question. >> thank you very much for revealing that fact gentleman and sometimes liz, the producer. >> we do some of the work. >> we know you work hard. >> we started the whole concept. >> if you have a question you want answered, i didn't know it was going to be reveal the truth day.
6:52 am
if there is a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. tucker and i will start. >> we have random children that we bring in to answer these questions. let's check in with julie wright. >> if we're having true confessions, let it be known that it is kennedy, weather dog, who produces all of my traffic for me. you too can have a nice ride to work if you stay as calm being cool and collected as kennedy. we are show you 395 leaving duke street headed up towards seminary road. cute in sky fox is doing some work today -- the crew in sky fox is doing some work today. we had accident activity move over. this is north of annandale as you head up towards 66 and 66 will slow as you travel in from
6:53 am
fair oaks to 123 and volume delays. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we do have a health alert on two more reasons to quit smoking. german scientists found that men who smoke have lower levels of a chemical that can affect male fertility. researchs in don't mark found prenatal exposure to smoke could damage the embryo. americans apparently not eating enough fruits and vegetabled. a new cdr report shows only 3 #% of adults ate fruit the recommended two times awe day or more last year. the cdc says more needs to be
6:54 am
done to improve access and affordability. a diet high in fruits and vegetables can reduce the rick of cancer. tune in tonight for stand up to cancer. a lot of big-name stars will be working together to raise awareness and million of dollars to fight the disease. you can catch stand up to cancer tonight at 8:00 here on fox 5. coming up next, a competition where all the claws come out. >> cats from all over the country are in chantilly for an event that showcases the best of the best in feline friends. holly is live at the national capital cat show.
6:55 am
♪ welcome to ultimate rewards from chase. no blackouts, no restrictions on airfare and hotels, no limits to what you can get with ultimate rewards. no wonder it's called ultimate. available on chase credit, debit, and business cards. chase what matters.
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6:57 am
>> good morning, everybody. i'm hole morrison on this friday. we're about fancy felines. we're live at the dallas expo center. they're ready for the national cat show, celebrating its 30th year. this morning, we have a lot of
6:58 am
special things planned to show off this celebration. am i talking too loud? am i bother you? sorry, miss princess, i'll ter. we're going to find out the purpose of the show, how 400 pedigrees will be here competing for the top cat spot and we'll talk with the judges and see what they're looking for, take a look at past winners and they're really good about getting young people involved and we're going to talk about junior showmanship and show off as many cats as we can and there is a cat agility course. what, tired already? warm up. up and rung, there we go and we'll give you the information you need to know to come out and be a part of the cat show yourself and you will learn something new if you come out here or learn more if you're already a cat lover and, nonetheless, it's going to be fun. i'm not sure exactly, gurvir, how this whole cat competition works. i am excited to learn about it. i think this is trying to get some votes ahead of time.
6:59 am
>> oh. what do you think? >> i was going to say very timely. >> that is it for the 6:00 hour for folk 5 news. allison is now in with steve to take things away. coming up on fox 5 morning news, we're following a developing story. a state of emergency that cleared in one california community after a deadly gas line explosion destroys dozens of homes. more developments on the q'uran protest. the pastor of the controversy said he suspended the protest and plans to visit new york to discuss the planned mosque near ground zero. and the redskins season kicks off in broomtime and dave ross has more on that. fox 5 news at 7 has more right now. it's 7:00 on this

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